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Hi there! I’m George the Slots-Guru, and today I’m here to give you the low-down on video slots. Since slot machines hit the scene over 100 years ago, I don’t think there’s been an innovation that’s made such a change in the slots that I’ve grown to love over the years. It’s time, so relax and enjoy the Guru’s session of learning.

Video slots work just like the mechanical ones, but the main difference is the appearance. There are those who don’t like to play them for just that reason. They want the sounds and the “feel” of the mechanical reels spinning and the clunking sounds as they stop. I hate to break this to you, but the “traditional” slots have been run by computer program for many years now. And you must admit that it must make the machines that much easier for the casinos to maintain. So there’s really not much difference between the old-style slots and the video slots except the look.

Another thing about video slots is that there aren’t too many out there that actually have an arm to pull. More and more, you just have a button to press, whether it’s for the single bet or for multiple “coin” bets. There are actually more new slot machines that are doing away with the arm to pull, and I’m not sure I like that trend. When I’m out there, I always look for the “oldies-but-goodies” with a big arm to pull and a big jackpot payout. Video slots are also notable for the graphics that go whizzing by when you push the button. With it all controlled by computer, they can do just about anything on the screen to keep you mesmerized by the display. You never know; unlike me, you might just find video slots more entertaining because of all this.

The next time you’re at a casino, you might just see me, or someone like me, who’s trying his best to stay away from the video slots and sticking to the old-fashioned kind. I must admit, I’m having a harder and harder time staying away from them. Especially with the newest ones, where there aren’t even any buttons involved; you just touch the screen to indicate your bets etc. Now I find that touch-screen technology really intriguing; I just can’t figure out how it works!

So, as for video slots, there’s one last thing I have to say, and you may have already read it on my slot machine tips page, but I’ll say it again. One of the places where these machines have really taken off is in small bars and places like fast-food joints and gas stations; this is because of their small size and low maintenance. But if you are tempted to play video slots in one of these types of settings, stay away! They are notorious for being the tightest slot machines around, and you’ll never come out on top playing these machines. Take it from the Guru, stick to the casinos for your gambling, and you’ll be OK.


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